Benefits of Australian Made Leveltec Mercury and Non-Mercury Tilt Switches

Leveltec Mining

Leveltec has been manufacturing tilt switches in Australia for the past 40 years, and we are stocked up and are ready to dispatch orders immediately.

Leveltec tilt switches are made in Australia and offer supply chain sustainability, which means we can meet orders with a fast turnaround (days not months) and can manufacture the switches fit for purpose.

We are a flexible business partner and problem solver, and pride ourselves on working with clients to produce custom units for any project.

Leveltec produce both Mercury and Non-Mercury switches – both of which can be optioned in chrome or stainless steel housings dependant on the onsite environment.

Not all work sites are the same and our standard cable has a PVC sheath which is resistant to most oils and chemicals, making this cable suitable for most industrial installations. For applications that need to something heavy duty or are in aggressive environments, we can upgrade to a heavy duty braided cable.

Our tilt switches are designed for hazardous area application and come with a range of optional accessories accompany Leveltec Tilt Switches including hanger kits, chain kits, wear plates, float balls, pipe extensions and BSH marshalling and time delay controllers.

Features include instantaneous trip, snap action tilt switch, hydraulic time delay, and a no electronic solution.

You can read more and download the data sheets for the Leveltec Mercury and Non-Mercury Tilt Switches here –

Our Mercury and Non-Mercury Tilt Switch Solutions


The LP04-R tilt switch is an economical and robust entry level tilt switch. The switch operates from normally closed when vertical, to open once the switch is tilted approximately 20 degrees from vertical. It is suitable for retrofit and replacement of many other mercury switches on the market.

In some cases they can be treated like for like. Our technical team can help with parts identification and change management documentation to aid integration of Australian-made tilt switches into your plant today. 


  • Mercury tilt switch – switches all directions 
  • Normally closed vertical
  • Opens approximately 20 degrees from vertical
  • Contact 24VDC, 1.0A
  • IP66/67 Rated
  • PVC Cable 6m
  • Chrome Plated mild steel housing (for heavy duty braided cables, stainless steel body or low voltage switching please ask for LP04-S2)
  • Quick replacement of any mercury switch
  • Compact housing suitable for small chutes
  • Easy storage in sealed bags 
  • Australian made, on stock and ready to deliver.
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The snap action non mercury LP01-S2 tilt switch is one of the most popular tilt switches used in environments that experience high winds, frequent material surges and high vibration. The switch operates using a hydraulic over electric mechanism allowing the units to be knocked, bumped and shook for periods of time not causing a trip. 

The snap action mechanism will operate the contact when the unit has moved from vertical to an angle of approximately 20 degrees in 1-2 seconds. 


  • Non mercury tilt switch – switches all directions
  • Hydraulic dampener providing excellent properties in high vibration environments
  • Hydraulic dampener providing 1-2 Second delay at approximately 20 degrees from vertical
  • Change over contact, vertical – normally closed, tilted – open
  • Rated to 250VAC and up to 125VDC
  • IP66/67 Rated
  • PVC or heavy-duty braided cable available in 6 or 10m length
  • Chrome-plated mild steel or stainless steel housing
  • No electronics required to operate
  • Excellent for use in high vibration and frequent material surges
  • Optional housing and cables to increase service life
  • Australian made, on stock and ready to deliver.
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