Medium and high voltage electrical connectors and equipment

From 600 to 25,000 volts, 145 to 650 Amps, Patton & Cooke designs and manufactures trailing cable couplers, junction boxes, and splitter boxes, as well as cable and coupler handling devices for the safe distribution of power to both mobile and fixed mining production equipment.

Mining companies all over the world are relying on Patton & Cooke for a wide range of high voltage electrical equipment. On all major continents, Patton & Cooke delivers vital power, above and below ground, no matter what the conditions or the terrain. Patton & Cooke’s electrical equipment, including its trailing cable couplers, has proven to be among the safest and most dependable in the world.


  • Portable and Fixed Plant
  • Mining ( Drag-lines & Shovels)
  • Communications – Heavy duty fiber optic solutions
  • Utilities
  • Shore Power (Ships, RTG cranes & Dredging)
  • Tunnelling
  • Transportation – Rail Couplers
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