Project Objective

The client required a solution that allowed them to collect and send data from existing sensors, as well as receive data from new sensors monitoring and managing the tank water levels.   

These sensors needed to bring all nominated data together in a single interface through a fast deployment wireless system and into an external environment avoiding large installation costs of cables and enclosures. 


Leveltec specialises in wireless solutions for temperature, water and industrial monitoring through partner Tekon. Two products were required to complete this project and meet the stated objectives.

Twp 4ai4di1ut


Transmitter made it possible to aggregate the central equipment of the entire process, ensuring that it would gather all the sensors and equipment that independently support and monitor each variable, in a single device. The analog and digital inputs combined with the universal temperature input form a complete and extensive solution for the industrial context.


The WGW420 gateway of the PLUS product family, is the central point of the wireless network to which the transmitters send all the collected data. WGW420 analog outputs are used to share the value of the variables digitalized by the transmitters with local devices used for data visualization. The Modbus protocol allows integration with automation, essential to make data available in the cloud for later viewing and saving on the Tekon IoT Platform. 


Transmitter DiagramTechnical Details

The project comprised of three water tanks that required monitoring and control system upgrades to maintain the reservoir level.  Each tank was spaced approximately 170m from the SCADA/BMS terminal, and were fitted with an existing level transmitter providing an output of 4-20mA or 0-10V. Tank 1 and 2 were fitted with pumps that required a start command based on the feedback from the SCADA/BMS system. 

The Tekon TWP-4AI4DI1UT transmitter can accept 4 analog input, 4 digital input and 1 temperature input making it a suitable candidate for the project. Digital outputs are also possible to configure by Modbus or Tekon IoT platform. The field transmitters in the plus family are IP65 and can be installed easily in an external environment.  

Choosing a location for the transmitter was made easy by using the Site survey mode. Using this feature ensured the system was installed with the highest signal strength. This was conducted by installing the gateway at the final destination and then pressing the sight survey mode button on the transmitter. Alternatively, if there are too many obstructions installing a repeater will boost the signal to the network. 

The tanks transmitters were connected to the Sensors to collect data and the digital output to drive relays. With the transmitters connected, the wireless WGW420 gateway was configured with the FREE software and setup to achieve the following: 

  • Retransmit and output each 4-20mA signal for local indication
  • Operate relay contacts at transmitters 1 and 2 for pump start command based on SCADA/BMS feedback through the gateway
  • Send Data to SCADA / BMS via Modbus RS485

All hardware was preconfigured by Leveltec prior to dispatch resulting in a more efficient site installation. The client completed the final integration to collect the data from the gateway and requested it to send data to the transmitter. 


Wireless data transmission is becoming commonplace in industrial applications and Tekon systems offer the ability to integrate existing infrastructure and new sensors and software to take processes and business decision making digital.

Tekon systems are straightforward to install and suitable for cable replacement for industrial monitoring application making sensors IoT ready.