Cable protection and cable carriers

Koduct is a world leading cable protection system and cable carrier manufacturer. They manufacture more than 1500 sizes of cable carriers including plastic cable carriers, hybrid cable carriers and steel cable carriers.

We stock a range of Koduct products including: 

  • Plastic Cable Carriers
  • Hybrid Cable Carriers
  • Steel Cable Carriers
  • Cable Track Systems
  • Tube Accessories

We are proud to supply complete solutions with cables preterminated and tested to our customers specifications. One of the reasons we chose to partner with Koduct is the level of quality of their cable carriers, track systems and tube accessories. 

Koduct cable carriers and flexible tubing make it possible to safely move machinery cables and hoses at high speeds in horizontal, vertical and circular configurations. They are designed for the application of machine tools, woodworking equipment, plastic injection machine, medical equipment, automation machine and general industrial equipment. 

Made from specialised engineered plastic material, they offer a lightweight, smooth moving solution with easy installation and maintenance.

Speak to our sales team about our complete range of Koduct products and how they will work in your business. 

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