Industrial Reel Solutions

KOREEL is a specialised manufacturer in the field of industrial reels that delivers cutting edge technology, of exceptional quality, that requires simple maintenance.

Established in 1991, KOREEL manufactures all types of industrial reels, and over the years they have been recognised as a leader in the reel production industry. This is due to technology, quality, and delivery.

Throughout their time, KOREEL has secured their place in the market with the development of their own technology, manufacturing all components of their products directly, through cutting-edge facilities with an ISO9001 certification.

Leveltec, in collaboration with KOREEL, serves as the exclusive distributor for AMP and Customised Reel products, providing a comprehensive, turnkey approach from design through to commissioning.

We supply a range of Koreel products including:

Alternative Marine Power System for High-Voltage : IEC80005-1 / Low-Voltage : IEC80005-3

Water Hose Reel For Stacker Reclaimers

Explosion Proof IECEX Cable Reel

Cable Reel with Optical Fibre for High-Voltage and Low-Voltage

Cable Reel Cranes, Heavy Industry and Mining

Thruster Brakes

Known for their robust design, Koreel’s reels are engineered to meet stringent requirements such as fail-safe operation, corrosion resistance, and enduring durability.

Proudly crafted in Korea, their reels undergo rigorous quality control procedures, and use premium materials to ensure top-notch performance.

These reels have been designed to withstand the harshest conditions commonly encountered in construction sites, mines, and maritime environments.

Have questions? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team to discuss how you can utilise Koreel’s quality products.