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PCE Merz is globally recognised for excellence in switchgear manufacturing and Leveltec is an official Australian supplier of the PCE Merz range of products. 

MERZ Switchgear offers a diversified and high-quality product range of low-voltage switchgear. The product portfolio includes enclosed and open cam and compact switches for direct and alternating current applications.

Here at Leveltec we stock and supply a range of PCE Merz products:

  • Repair & Maintenance Switches
  • DC Switches
  • Compact Switches
  • CAM Switches
  • UVR Switches
  • UPS Bypass Switches
  • Generator Voltage Change Over Switches
  • Change Over Switches

PCE Merz switchgears are suitable for use across mechanical engineering, air conditioning, ventilation technology, underground mining, food machinery manufacturers, elevator companies as well as the photovoltaic industry.

We can also work with our customers to ensure the best solution with the ability to work directly with PCE Merz and customise switch design – from switchboards, water authority, utility, mining and more. 

Speak to the Leveltec sales team to discuss our range of rotary cam, compact disconnect isolators and change over switches, as well as switch board controls, rotary switches, solar switches and more. 

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