Pull Ropes, Lanyard Switches, Conveyor Monitoring, Misalignment Switches, and Limit Switches

SiTec designs and manufacture products for individual safety and monitoring switches for industrial conveyor technology.

The German manufacturer develops and produces robust safety switches for all branches of industry so you can reliably secure and monitor your conveyor belt systems.

SiTec switches can withstand harsh conditions in the raw materials industry, for example in open ore mining and in the iron and steel industry, and are durable and high quality.

We are proud to introduce new technology to the market with a range of high-temperature switches and wireless monitoring packages.

Sitec Products

Emergency Stop Switches

Our emergency stop switches are engineered to ensure the reliable and rapid cessation of industrial conveying systems during critical situations. Equipped with pull-wire mechanisms, our emergency stop controls allow for immediate activation along the entire conveyor line. Our rope-break detection feature guarantees the dependable identification of any malfunctions. Depending on the length of your conveyor system, you can choose between single-sided or double-sided rope-pull emergency stop switches.

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Position Misalignment Switches

Keep a vigilant eye on your belt conveying systems with our position mislaignment switches. If your conveyor belt veers off course (misaligns), our position sensor responds with a warning signal or system shutdown, depending on your chosen settings.

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Position Limit Switches

Elevate the safety and efficiency of your conveying systems with our position limit switches. These precision instruments use rollers to accurately monitor machine movements and can also detect direction upon request.

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Service Switches

SiTec’s service switches ensure the secure startup and shutdown of power supply to your conveying systems. Whether facing extreme conditions such as dust, heat, or continuous operation, our main switches offer unwavering reliability.

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New Applications and Value Added Solutions

Hightemp Position Misalignment

High Temperature Position Misalignment Switch

Robust Aluminium housing meeting the marekt demand for high termpature applications.

  • Positive break Switching
  • 5 Million operations
  • -50°C…+150°C operating temperature
  • IP67

Suitable for use in high temperature conveying in steel mills and smelting applications.

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Wireless Position Misalignment

Wireless Position Misalignment and Tilt Switches

Digitalise and Remove the requirement for long run cables with wireless monitoring.

Per conveyor monitoring point measure:

  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • 4 Analog Inputs 
  • 1 Temperature Input

Solar and Battery powered with transmission lengths up to 48km via the meshed network along a conveyor structure.

When connected to Modbus as the gateway, each transmitter can signalled to trigger a voltage free contact.

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