PCE industrial plugs and sockets

PCE is a world leader in the development and production of industrial plugs and sockets with an export share of over 80%.

PCE offers a wide range of high quality products for various applications in the electrical installation sector which includes over 22,000 items which are produced according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

PCE’s world class products include connectors, inlets , plugs and receptacles for industrial switchgear installations where quality matters. Solutions from 50V – 1000V available.

  • 16A: from 2.5mm2 flexible to 4mm2 solid stripped wires
  • 32A: from 6mm2 flexible to 10mm2 solid stripped wires
  • 63A: from 16mm2 flexible to 25mm2 solid stripped wires
  • 125A: from 50mm2 flexible to 70mm2 solid stripped wires
Lev Pce0242 3v
Lev Pce75242 3
2242 3 Container
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  • Reefer, Refrigerated containers
  • Electric Car and Charging Station
  • High Frequency Airport plugs and sockets
  • Welding and industrial equipment
  • Mining and Industrial power distribution
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