Foxtam Controls low voltage control and instrumentation products

Foxtam Controls designs and manufactures low voltage control and instrumentation products, and we are proud to be an exclusive Australian supplier of their range of: 

  • Mining Specific Relays
  • Electronic Timers
  • Sensing Control & Monitoring Relays
  • Plug In, Sockets, Power, Latching & Other Relays
  • DC Power Supplies & DC to DC Converters

Founded in 1977, Foxtam Controls has an enviable reputation for engineering well designed and quality constructed products in line with latest market requirements. Many products have been developed for specific applications in industries such as mining, BMS & HVAC, railways and transportation, clean water supply and sewage treatment, as well as telecommunications and PV solar installations.

As with many of our suppliers, we work Foxtam Controls to develop products that are tailored for specific industry use and regulations. They are compact and easy to install simple relays which lend themselves to retrofits for existing applications or new builds where customers are seeking electrical protection devices for mines and quarries under AS/NZS 2081:2011. 

Take a look at our product range below which includes earth leakage relay and monitoring, phase failure relay, current and voltage relay, timers and controls. 

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Mining SPecific Relays

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Electronic Timers

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Sensing Control & Monitoring Relays

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Plug In, Sockets, Power, Latching And Other Relays

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Dc Power Supplies & Dc To Dc Converters

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