Project Objective

Our client approached us to design and build a new operator console design and electrical fit out. We were able to supply an end-to-end solution thanks to a number of the brands we manufacturer and supply.

The project consisted of three consoles, and the project was delivered inline with a tight project deadline to budget.


The solution provided by Leveltec was a compact designed and manufactured console station by with Spohn + Burkhardt with wiring and automation equipment completed locally in Australia under our BSH assembly workshop.

The consoles also needed to take into consideration the comfort of the employees, with an ergonomic design, ease of use for the automation equipment, as well as in-built heaters for the sub zero installation environment.  



Technical Details

We worked closely with the client to identify the best possible solution as each console was designed for specific applications. The Spohn + Burkhardt FS series compact console was chosen for this project. Our team completed the installation and wiring in our purpose-built assembly workshop.

The cabin restrictions were overcome by modifying the width of the cabin and reinstalling the door on the rear of the cabin, which allowed the console to be installed without disassembly.

The console needed to fit within the following guidelines:

  • Heavy duty and rugged design
  • Adjustable comfort seat with mechanical suspension
  • VCS0 series joysticks with custom engraving
  • Heater unit with thermostat controls
  • Wired, tested and pre-commissioning
  • Single partner for complete solutions supply.

The process of the project solution involved:
– Site visit to determine product selection, environmental conditions, functional electrical and mechanical requirements, delivered within the client timeline
– Develop and deliver the concept and proposal
– Local production and assembly of joysticks, automation equipment and wiring
– Factory acceptance testing of joysticks, buttons and heater


The client had an extremely short window to deliver the project in between their maintenance requests. The space available in the cabins was limited, making the project a challenge to complete, however we needed to ensure a safe and ergonomic solution for the operators comfort.
We were able to design, manufacture and deliver the consoles with a focus on comfort, as well as effective use on site.