Spohn And Burkhardt Remote Operator Consoles And Control Desks

Sets standards in ergonomics and functionality

The Spohn & Burkhardt Remote-Control-Desk, a multifunctional remote control station for cranes, is the alternative to operator control stations in crane cabins.

Equipped with ergonomically arranged joysticks and control devices as well as a visualization of the working environment by cameras, the RCD offers a safe and comfortable workplace for controlling cranes from control rooms. This eliminates the time-consuming climb to large port cranes in extensive port facilities for crane drivers and at the same time opens up the possibility of operating different cranes
from one workplace.

The use of an RCD is not only suitable in the port area but also in waste incineration and recycling plants as well as in the oil, gas and steel industries. Simply anywhere where varied work, both sitting and standing, promotes the safety and health of employees in 24/7 operation. This RCD not only offers a large height adjustment range from 650 to 1300 mm with Safety Stop, but also a single or two-rowed monitor rail for a maximum of 8 monitors, which can be adjusted motorized to the eye level of the respective operator.

Further optional equipment features such as a control cabinet, fixed or moved with tabletop, work lighting and application-specific control elements (Joysticks, control devices, computer keyboard, touch screens) on the high-quality table top complete the product. To complete the workplace, we offer suitable, comfortable 24/7 chairs.


If you require a control desk with electrical cabinets and automation equipment – see the BSH SSO

Leveltec BSH SSOD sit stand operator desk
Spohn And Burkhardt Remote Operator Consoles And Control Desks