Onsite and remote applications for process improvement

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Onsite and Remote applications engineering provide retrofit and upgrade path for process improvement for Operator joysticks

Ongoing support via service and repairs is a massive part in the role we play with our clients at Leveltec. Giving them the flexibility to choose one of three ways to maintain their equipment.

  • Replacement or new
  • Repair – back to base with on condition assessment
  • Overhaul – scheduled servicing as a part of our through-life support program

This method works great for existing clients who know their product type, operating style and interaction with Leveltec. The process runs really smooth and our clients experience exceptional service, just ask them. However what happens if you need extra product support for applications engineering to help your teams realize needs they may not know about or you are not using Leveltec for your joystick and operator consoles and need help with a retrofit?

At Leveltec we have factory training technicians that can fully support your teams onsite or remotely with understanding the product that may best suit your application. We understand that not everything is like for like and that it is in some cases its irresponsible to implement change without the correct measures or approvals. With that in mind when we are faced with changing our existing Spohn + Burkhardt joystick products or a competitors product to Spohn + Burkhardt we go through an emersion session with the client to cover off on a number of points that go above the technical detail of its original function. At the end of the day most operators are in these machines for a number of hours, we want to make it as comfortable of possible to for them to do their job.

Emersion Process:

  • Identify where it is installed, who will use it and how long for? – Duty cycle gauging
  • Not one size fits all – Are there extra considerations required for enclosure space, Ingress protection and grip
  • Are the current interlocks or operator present switches still relevant? Can we use new capacitive technology?
  • Are the electrical outputs matched and if not what installation considerations are required
  • Does it feel like it should, specific notches or friction?
  • Is the current installation meeting functionality and ergonomic requirements
  • How do you maintain your asset and provide a clean and positive work environment

From that process we offer our clients the option to have a change management document produced to aid management decision for change, how it benefits their organization and the anchor to keep things in place. In many cases opportunity to change from the way it always was done to something that provides higher value is achieved. That may be through increased availability for new item sales, upgrading the duty of the controller to match the number of operations, cleaning joysticks and different spare parts or changing the electronics output to a new technology like Profibus or Hall affect. Throughout the process we aim to provide an overall benefit that proves increased reliability, reduced plant downtime and ultimately reduced annual running costs.

See how we performed a retrofit application case study on a Queensland coal ship loader operator console.

Clients that choose Leveltec and Spohn + Burkhardt joysticks receive high commitment levels to provide world class products, local assembly and asset management programs. We stick by the products and integrations we provide and offer a whole of life system / upgrade path as your business grown or develops new needs.

Next steps for your Technology upgrades or process improvement:

The HS2 is a new product from Spohn + Burkahrdt, It has a rugged and compact construction for the harshest operating conditions. It features a ferromagnetic drive block, 12mm spring return shaft with single and dual redundant contactless outputs on both axis(Voltage or current). The HS2 is very compact and can be installed from the top as a drop in or below. The joysticks is IP65 rated, can have various handles attached and can be coupled with bus systems (CANopen, SAE J1939-71, ProfiBus, ProfiNet and USB to PC).

The state of the art HS2 joystick has fewer moving parts due to the wear free 3D hall sensor system. This HS2 joystick is a high quality and cost effective upgrade for many joysticks on the market that want to take advantage of the Leveltec’s through life support program.